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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Diploma Pengurusan Pelancongan UiTM

As i am final year student for Diploma in Tourism Management. I would really like to share with you guys about this course

First of all, what exactly this course is all about?

If you imagining that this course  have something to do with historical place, culture, geography, or else, then you're wrong.

Let me tell in summary, you'll learn about how to become a good service provider and hospitality
That is my opinion.

This course will finish in 3 years, and in the last semester you have industry training.

So here, im gonna share the syllabus of this course.

Part 1
Introduction to Hospitality and tourism industry.
In this subject, you will learn about the terms related to tourism industry, the type of services, the supplier in tourism industry and so on. So, its gonna be interesting because theres a lot of new term to memorize and learn.. Hahaha

Introduction to Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition.(MICE)
This subject youll be teach theoretically about how to conduct MICE.
MICE is superbly important in corporate world and one of the method to promote tourism.
As for me, this subject kind a hard because there are a lot of new term. But dont worry, I got A for this subject. So do you guys!

Part 2
Introduction to financial accounting and reporting.
Of course youll have to take this subject.
As i mentioned earlier, this course have a little connection with business field
To those who have already studied in Form 4 and Form 5 , then itll be easy for you because it is the basic accounting.
But those who dont, you need to study harder!

To be continued... (Tourism management II)

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